The association between work related factors and breastfeeding practices among Chinese working mothers: a mixed-method approach

2 hónap 3 hét ago
Breastfeeding rates remain low in China and some mothers stop breastfeeding shortly after returning to work. Our study aimed to investigate the association between breastfeeding practices of working mothers an...
Jiawen Chen, Tong Xin, Junjian Gaoshan, Qiuhong Li, Kaiyue Zou, Shihui Tan, Yuhan Cheng, Yuning Liu, Jingyi Chen, Hanyu Wang, Ying Mu, Li Jiang and Kun Tang

Exclusive breastfeeding practices in an urban settlement of Vellore, southern India: findings from the MAL-ED birth cohort

2 hónap 3 hét ago
Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended in the first six months of life. Observing breastfeeding practices and further the introduction of complementary food using a birth cohort can provide a better understand...
Samarasimha Reddy N., Kulandaipalayam Natarajan Sindhu, Karthikeyan Ramanujam, Anuradha Bose, Gagandeep Kang and Venkata Raghava Mohan


2 óra 11 perc ago
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