Determinants of optimum exclusive breastfeeding duration in rural India: a mixed method approach using cohort and content analysis design

3 nap 12 óra ago
Despite established benefits, exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) rate remains poor in India. This study measured the rate of early initiation of breastfeeding and EBF up to 42 days postpartum period and the reasons...
Falguni Debnath, Nilanjan Mondal, Alok Kumar Deb, Debjit Chakraborty, Subhrangshu Chakraborty and Shanta Dutta

Vulnerable families and costly formula: a qualitative exploration of infant formula purchasing among peri-urban Peruvian households

5 nap 12 óra ago
Substantial evidence exists surrounding the health risks of breast milk substitutes (BMS) in place of exclusive breastfeeding among infants < 6 months of age in resource-poor settings. Yet, mothers’ experience...
Jessica D. Rothstein, Peter J. Winch, Jessica Pachas, Lilia Z. Cabrera, Mayra Ochoa, Robert H. Gilman and Laura E. Caulfield

Determinants of low breastfeeding self-efficacy amongst mothers of children aged less than six months: results from the BADUTA study in East Java, Indonesia

5 nap 12 óra ago
Despite the increasing rate of exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia, there is still a need for supportive interventions. The breastfeeding self-efficacy of mothers is a key factor positively associated with op...
Christiana Rialine Titaley, Michael J. Dibley, Iwan Ariawan, Anifatun Mu’asyaroh, Ashraful Alam, Rita Damayanti, Tran Thanh Do, Elaine Ferguson, Kyaw Htet, Mu Li, Aang Sutrisna and Umi Fahmida

Comparing breastfeeding experiences between mothers spending the traditional Chinese confinement period in a confinement centre and those staying at home: a cohort study

2 hét 4 nap ago
Ethnic Chinese mothers in Malaysia adhere to 30 days of traditional postpartum practices (the “confinement period”) aimed at recuperation after delivery. Recently there has been an emergence of confinement cen...
Siew Cheng Foong, May Loong Tan, Wai Cheng Foong, Jacqueline J. Ho and Fairuz Fadzilah Rahim

Predicting risk of early discontinuation of exclusive breastfeeding at a Brazilian referral hospital for high-risk neonates and infants: a decision-tree analysis

2 hét 6 nap ago
Determinants at several levels may affect breastfeeding practices. Besides the known historical, socio-economic, cultural, and individual factors, other components also pose major challenges to breastfeeding. ...
Maíra Domingues Bernardes Silva, Raquel de Vasconcellos Carvalhaes de Oliveira, Davi da Silveira Barroso Alves and Enirtes Caetano Prates Melo

Understanding breastfeeding behaviours: a cross-sectional analysis of associated factors in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australia

1 hónap 3 hét ago
Breastfeeding is a complex behaviour relying on a combination of individual mother and infant characteristics, health systems, and family, community and professional support. Optimal breastfeeding in high-inco...
Danielle Gallegos, Joy Parkinson, Sinead Duane, Christine Domegan, Elena Jansen and Rebekah Russell-Bennett

Early essential newborn care is associated with increased breastfeeding: a quasi-experimental study from Sichuan Province of Western China

2 hónap ago
Breastfeeding is critical to promote maternal and child health. China has set national targets to further improve the exclusive breastfeeding rate. We aimed to examine associations between the provision of ear...
Chen-ran Wang, Xia-yun Li, Lin Zhang, Lin-man Wu, Ling Tan, Fei Yuan, Yao Guo, Sarah Williams and Tao Xu


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