The association between work related factors and breastfeeding practices among Chinese working mothers: a mixed-method approach

2 hét 5 nap ago
Breastfeeding rates remain low in China and some mothers stop breastfeeding shortly after returning to work. Our study aimed to investigate the association between breastfeeding practices of working mothers an...
Jiawen Chen, Tong Xin, Junjian Gaoshan, Qiuhong Li, Kaiyue Zou, Shihui Tan, Yuhan Cheng, Yuning Liu, Jingyi Chen, Hanyu Wang, Ying Mu, Li Jiang and Kun Tang

Exclusive breastfeeding practices in an urban settlement of Vellore, southern India: findings from the MAL-ED birth cohort

2 hét 5 nap ago
Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended in the first six months of life. Observing breastfeeding practices and further the introduction of complementary food using a birth cohort can provide a better understand...
Samarasimha Reddy N., Kulandaipalayam Natarajan Sindhu, Karthikeyan Ramanujam, Anuradha Bose, Gagandeep Kang and Venkata Raghava Mohan

Monitoring progress in reducing maternal mortality using verbal autopsy methods in vital registration systems: what can we conclude about specific causes of maternal death?

1 hónap 1 hét ago
Reducing maternal mortality is a key focus of development strategies and one of the indicators used to measure progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In the absence of medical certificat...
Ian D. Riley, Riley H. Hazard, Rohina Joshi, Hafizur Rahman Chowdhury and Alan D. Lopez

The DM-scope registry: a rare disease innovative framework bridging the gap between research and medical care

1 hónap 1 hét ago
The relevance of registries as a key component for developing clinical research for rare diseases (RD) and improving patient care has been acknowledged by most stakeholders. As recent studies pointed to severa...
Marie De Antonio, Céline Dogan, Ferroudja Daidj, Bruno Eymard, Jack Puymirat, Jean Mathieu, Cynthia Gagnon, Sandrine Katsahian, Dalil Hamroun and Guillaume Bassez

Testing criteria for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: preliminary results of a low cost strategy for public health

1 hónap 1 hét ago
The clinical heterogeneity of the 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome (22q11.2DS – OMIM, #188400 and #192430) is a universal challenge leading to diagnostic delay. The aim of this study was to evaluate a low cost strate...
Ilária Cristina Sgardioli, Fabíola Paoli Monteiro, Paulo Fanti, Társis Paiva Vieira and Vera Lúcia Gil-da-Silva-Lopes

The XN-30 hematology analyzer for rapid sensitive detection of malaria: a diagnostic accuracy study

1 hónap 2 hét ago
Accurate and timely diagnosis of malaria is essential for disease management and surveillance. Thin and thick blood smear microscopy and malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are standard malaria diagnostics, ...
Annelies Post, Berenger Kaboré, Isaie J. Reuling, Joel Bognini, Wouter van der Heijden, Salou Diallo, Palpouguini Lompo, Basile Kam, Natacha Herssens, Kjerstin Lanke, Teun Bousema, Robert W. Sauerwein, Halidou Tinto, Jan Jacobs, Quirijn de Mast and Andre…

Molecular investigation, using chromosomal microarray and whole exome sequencing, of six patients affected by Williams Beuren syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder

1 hónap 2 hét ago
Williams Beuren syndrome (WBS) is a multiple malformations/intellectual disability (ID) syndrome caused by 7q11.23 microdeletion and clinically characterized by a typical neurocognitive profile including exces...
Julie Masson, Caroline Demily, Nicolas Chatron, Audrey Labalme, Pierre-Antoine Rollat-Farnier, Caroline Schluth-Bolard, Brigitte Gilbert-Dussardier, Fabienne Giuliano, Renaud Touraine, Sylvie Tordjman, Alain Verloes, Giuseppe Testa, Damien Sanlaville,…

Who says “no” to participating in stroke clinical trials and why: an observational study from the Vancouver Stroke Program

1 hónap 2 hét ago
Successful stroke trials require adequate recruitment. In this observational study, we assessed reasons for refusal to provide informed consent in eligible patients approached for clinical trial participation ...
Zoe R. O’Neill, Halina M. Deptuck, Lauren Quong, Genoveva Maclean, Karina Villaluna, Princess King-Azote, Mukul Sharma, Ken Butcher, Robert G. Hart and Thalia S. Field

Evaluation of the effect of oral taurine supplementation on fasting levels of fibroblast growth factors, β-Klotho co-receptor, some biochemical indices and body composition in obese women on a weight-loss diet: a study protocol for a double-blind,…

1 hónap 2 hét ago
Taurine (Tau) is involved in many biochemical functions such as regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism, enhancement of energy expenditure, anti-inflammatory effects and appetite control. The most important...
Fatemeh Haidari, Maryam Asadi, Javad mohammadi-asl and Kambiz Ahmadi-Angali

Real-time foot clearance biofeedback to assist gait rehabilitation following stroke: a randomized controlled trial protocol

1 hónap 2 hét ago
The risk of falling is significantly higher in people with chronic stroke and it is, therefore, important to design interventions to improve mobility and decrease falls risk. Minimum toe clearance (MTC) is the...
Rezaul Begg, Mary P. Galea, Lisa James, W. A. Tony Sparrow, Pazit Levinger, Fary Khan and Catherine M. Said


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