Maternity protection entitlements for non-standard workers in low-and-middle-income countries and potential implications for breastfeeding practices: a scoping review of research since 2000

3 nap 18 óra ago
Recommended breastfeeding practices contribute to improved health of infants, young children, and mothers. Access to comprehensive maternity protection would enable working women to breastfeed for longer. Wome...
Catherine Pereira-Kotze, Alison Feeley, Tanya Doherty and Mieke Faber

A training curriculum for an mHealth supported peer counseling program to promote exclusive breastfeeding in rural India

2 hét ago
Despite strong evidence about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, that is the baby receiving only breast milk, no other foods or liquids, rates have remained relatively unchanged over the past two decades...
Roopa M Bellad, Niranjana S Mahantshetti, Umesh S Charantimath, Tony Ma, Yukiko Washio, Vanessa L Short, Katie Chang, Parth Lalakia, Frances J Jaeger, Patricia J Kelly, Geetanjali Mungarwadi, Chandrashekar C Karadiguddi, Shivaprasad S Goudar and Richard…

Designing and developing a mobile app (BeBo) in a randomized controlled trial study to promote breastfeeding among Vietnamese mothers

2 hét ago
Breastfeeding should begin as soon as possible after birth and continue exclusively to 6 months of age. In Vietnam, as in many other countries, breastfeeding is decreasing because of modern lifestyles and the ...
Thi Thuy Duong Doan, Trung Chuyen Tran, Ngoc Minh Pham, Yun Zhao, Thi Phuong Hoa Dinh, Nguyen Xuan Hoai, Andy Lee, Colin Binns and Thi Thu Ha Bui

Breastfeeding practices and associations with pregnancy, maternal and infant characteristics in Australia: a cross-sectional study

2 hét ago
Exclusive breastfeeding to six months of age is a major global public health priority. Several characteristics are known to be associated with early cessation of breastfeeding, however, limited evidence exists...
Renee Reynolds, Melanie Kingsland, Justine Daly, Milly Licata, Belinda Tully, Emma Doherty, Eva Farragher, Clare Desmet, Christophe Lecathelinais, Julianne McKie, Melanie Williams, John Wiggers and Jenna Hollis

Development of SARS-CoV-2 specific IgG and IgA antibodies in serum and milk with different SARS-COV-2 vaccines in lactating women

3 hét 1 nap ago
Our main objective was to determine the evolution of IgG and IgA antibodies directed against SARS-CoV-2 protein S in the blood of lactating women and in breast milk.
Carolina Lechosa-Muñiz, María Paz-Zulueta, Juan Irure-Ventura, Jose Manuel Mendez-Legaza, Rocío Cuesta González, Inés Gómez-Acebo, Marcos López-Hoyos, Javier Llorca and María Jesús Cabero-Pérez

Breastfeeding and human milk bank in a neonatal intensive care unit: impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in an Italian cohort of very low birth weight infants

1 hónap ago
Parental stress in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) is well known, as is the stress induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. This combination might increase stress to the extent of affecting the availability of m...
Ilia Bresesti, Laura Morlacchi, Caterina Cazzaniga, Camilla Sangiorgio, Lorenza Bertù, Maria Elena Bolis, Angela Bossi and Massimo Agosti

Socioecological predictors of breastfeeding practices in rural eastern Ethiopia

1 hónap ago
Estimates by the World Health Organization indicate that over 800,000 global neonatal deaths each year are attributed to deviations from recommended best practices in infant feeding. Identifying factors promot...
Marina Magalhães, Amanda Ojeda, Karah Mechlowitz, Kaitlin Brittain, Jenna Daniel, Kedir Teji Roba, Jemal Yousuf Hassen, Mark J. Manary, Wondwossen A. Gebreyes, Arie H. Havelaar and Sarah L. McKune

Feasibility and effectiveness of WhatsApp online group on breastfeeding by peer counsellors: a single-blinded, open-label pilot randomized controlled study

1 hónap 1 hét ago
With mobile technologies becoming more advanced and accessible, mobile health (mHealth) has been incorporated in delivering timely and convenient breastfeeding support. However, its feasibility and potential e...
Heidi S. L. Fan, M. Y. Ho, Rachel W. T. Ko, Jojo Y. Y. Kwok, P. H. Chau, Janet Y. H. Wong, M. P. Wang and Kris Y. W. Lok

Health facility users’ knowledge, perceptions, and practices about infant feeding in the context of option B+ in South Africa: a qualitative study

1 hónap 1 hét ago
HIV and sub-optimal infant feeding practices remain important threats to child growth, development, and survival in low- and middle-income countries. To our knowledge, few studies have explored health service ...
Duduzile Faith Nsibande, Vuyolwethu Magasana, Wanga Zembe, Gurpreet Kindra, Mary Mogashoa, Ameena Goga and Vundli Ramokolo

How much does a liter of donor human milk cost? Cost analysis of operating a human milk bank in Italy

1 hónap 1 hét ago
To date, 40 Human Milk Banks (HMB) have been established in Italy; however, recent cost analysis data for operating an HMB in Italy are not available in the literature.
Guglielmo Salvatori, Domenico Umberto De Rose, Maria Clemente, Cristina Gentili, Giovanni Paride Verardi, Patrizia Amadio, Maria Paola Reposi, Pietro Bagolan and Andrea Dotta

A systematic literature review of breastfeeding interventions among Black populations using the RE-AIM framework

1 hónap 2 hét ago
Lactation support resources are less likely to be located in close proximity to where Black families live and there is a systemic racist health care belief that Black women prefer bottle feeding (with infant f...
Emiliane Lemos Pereira, Paul A. Estabrooks, Alejandro Arjona, Wyconda Cotton-Curtis, Judith C. P. Lin, Carrie L. Saetermoe and Kacie C. A. Blackman

Sequential interventions to maintain the safety and service provisions of human milk banking in India: keeping up with the call to action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

1 hónap 2 hét ago
WHO recommends donor milk as the next best choice if Mothers’ own milk (MOM) is unavailable. At our milk bank, during the COVID 19 pandemic, we observed a steep decline in the collection of donor milk, while P...
Maheshwar Bhasin, Sushma Nangia, Gunjana Kumar, Abha Parihar and Srishti Goel


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