The financial need of feeding infants for the first six months of life in West Java Province of Indonesia and the implications of socioeconomic and mental health factors

2 hét 3 nap ago
In Indonesia, nearly half of all children aged less than six months were not exclusively breastfed in 2017. This study aimed to compare the cost of providing direct or indirect exclusive breastfeeding 0–6 mont...
Riki Relaksana, Adhadian Akbar, Estro Dariatno Sihaloho, Dani Ferdian and Adiatma YM Siregar

Improving breastfeeding support through the implementation of the Baby-Friendly Hospital and Community Initiatives: a scoping review

1 hónap 2 hét ago
Improved breastfeeding practices have the potential to save the lives of over 823,000 children under 5 years old globally every year. The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is a global campaign by the Wo...
Aisling Walsh, Pieternella Pieterse, Nita Mishra, Ellen Chirwa, Maria Chikalipo, Chimwemwe Msowoya, Ciara Keating and Anne Matthews

Comparative analyses of holder pasteurization vs. HTST pasteurization for donor milk: a cost-minimization study applicable to human milk banks

1 hónap 2 hét ago
High-temperature short-time (HTST) pasteurization (72–75 °C, 15 s) is an alternative treatment to traditional Holder pasteurization (HoP) (62ºC, 30 min) for donor milk. HTST pasteurization guarantees the milk’...
Diana Escuder Vieco, Jorge Arenas Vidal, Paula Rojas García, Marino J Gónzález, Nadia Raquel García Lara and Carmen Rosa Pallás Alonso

Breastfeeding among South Sudanese refugees in protracted settlements in Adjumani district, Uganda: facilitators and barriers

2 hónap 2 hét ago
Evidence suggests that forced migration and refugee status may adversely impact mothers’ breastfeeding choices. Furthermore, suboptimal breastfeeding practices have been reported among vulnerable populations i...
Christine N. Walters, Hasina Rakotomanana, Joel J. Komakech, Margaret Kabahenda, Jillian M. Joyce, Deana A. Hildebrand, Lucia Ciciolla and Barbara J. Stoecker

Effect of antenatal milk expression education on lactation outcomes in birthing people with pre-pregnancy body mass index ≥25: protocol for a randomized, controlled trial

2 hónap 2 hét ago
Birthing people with pre-pregnancy body mass indices (BMIs) ≥ 25 kg/m2, particularly those without prior breastfeeding experience, are at increased risk for suboptimal lactation outcomes. Antenatal milk expressio...
Jill R. Demirci, Melissa Glasser, Debra L. Bogen, Susan M. Sereika, Dianxu Ren, Kristin Ray, Lisa M. Bodnar, Therese A. O’Sullivan and Katherine Himes

The impact of the 2019/2020 Australian landscape fires on infant feeding and contaminants in breast milk in women with asthma

3 hónap ago
The 2019/2020 Australian landscape fires (bushfires) resulted in prolonged extreme air pollution; little is known about the effects on breastfeeding women and their infants. This study aimed to examine the imp...
Tesfalidet Beyene, Graeme R. Zosky, Peter G. Gibson, Vanessa M. McDonald, Elizabeth G. Holliday, Jay C. Horvat, Anne E. Vertigan, Joe Van Buskirk, Geoffrey G. Morgan, Edward Jegasothy, Ivan Hanigan, Vanessa E. Murphy and Megan E. Jensen

Women’s experiences with using domperidone as a galactagogue to increase breast milk supply: an Australian cross-sectional survey

3 hónap 3 hét ago
Domperidone is one of the most commonly utilised pharmacological galactagogues, with evidence of increasing use in clinical practice. However, the use of domperidone as a galactagogue remains controversial, wi...
Grace M. McBride, Robyn Stevenson, Gabbie Zizzo, Alice R. Rumbold, Lisa H. Amir, Amy Keir and Luke E. Grzeskowiak

Maternity protection entitlements for non-standard workers in low-and-middle-income countries and potential implications for breastfeeding practices: a scoping review of research since 2000

4 hónap ago
Recommended breastfeeding practices contribute to improved health of infants, young children, and mothers. Access to comprehensive maternity protection would enable working women to breastfeed for longer. Wome...
Catherine Pereira-Kotze, Alison Feeley, Tanya Doherty and Mieke Faber

A training curriculum for an mHealth supported peer counseling program to promote exclusive breastfeeding in rural India

4 hónap 1 hét ago
Despite strong evidence about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, that is the baby receiving only breast milk, no other foods or liquids, rates have remained relatively unchanged over the past two decades...
Roopa M Bellad, Niranjana S Mahantshetti, Umesh S Charantimath, Tony Ma, Yukiko Washio, Vanessa L Short, Katie Chang, Parth Lalakia, Frances J Jaeger, Patricia J Kelly, Geetanjali Mungarwadi, Chandrashekar C Karadiguddi, Shivaprasad S Goudar and Richard…

Designing and developing a mobile app (BeBo) in a randomized controlled trial study to promote breastfeeding among Vietnamese mothers

4 hónap 1 hét ago
Breastfeeding should begin as soon as possible after birth and continue exclusively to 6 months of age. In Vietnam, as in many other countries, breastfeeding is decreasing because of modern lifestyles and the ...
Thi Thuy Duong Doan, Trung Chuyen Tran, Ngoc Minh Pham, Yun Zhao, Thi Phuong Hoa Dinh, Nguyen Xuan Hoai, Andy Lee, Colin Binns and Thi Thu Ha Bui


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